Product Info Schleiferl


BaSt-Ing - The sharpening tool for saw chains

The Schleiferl is the sharpening tool of the future, which eliminates the disadvantages of the previous sharpening tools.

The following advantages are offered by the abrasive belt as a sharpening principle:

  • High removal rate
  • Perfectly shaped tooth profiles (breast and roof angles), easy to achieve
  • No teeth annealing
  • The chrome layer of the saw teeth will not be damaged
  • No loss of shape from the sharpening tool due to wear and tear
  • Chain will be on the sword sharpened
  • Tolerant of angular error when sharpening due to the abrasive belt running upwards
  • Suitable for very small chains (1/4 “Picco) as well as harvester chains (.404)
  • economical & fast

The Schleiferl is the first chain sharpening tool that works with a sanding belt, which is driven by small Hex screwdrivers and should be at least 3000 rpm.

In the fall of 2019, BaSt-Ing will be adding a depth gauge adjuster as an accessory, allowing you to precisely and simply set the depth limit shorten it.



Technical specifications

Weight: 0.8 kg
Changeable sanding belt
Robust construction
Sharpening chainsaws at the job site
High / Width / Length: 280/80/60mm

Recommended for devices from 3,000 revolutions


The revolution


Sanding in place in minutes.

We recommend impact wrenches from 3,000 revolutions / minute.

Further advantages of the Schleiferl



  • Fast sharpening
  • Suitable for all common chain sizes (1/4″ Picco – 0.404)
  • Very sharp chains achievable


Flat design:

  • Due to the compact design, the Schleiferl can easily be taken to the place of use in the forestry tractor or vehicle, so we are always available when needed.
  • Changing the sanding belt is done in no time.


  • The Schleiferl is a world first and the grinder for chain systems on site.
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