Product info ValFast spindle wedge

The benefits of ValFast

ValFast is a logical further development of the existing spindle wedge concepts.
In existing designs, there will always be a compromise between stability, functionality and security.

The new ValFast combines the best of the previously known and brings some “smart” features with it.

Why is the ValFast so sturdy? Instead of using ball bearings, we use a plain bearing to absorb the axial force of the spindle.

Ball bearing competitor products can be damaged after just a few weeks. Especially if they operate the wedges at the power limit or work with impact wrenches. This problem does not await you with the ValFast!



Furthermore, it is made of high-strength materials. In the case of aluminum in particular, a special alloy is used which achieves a strength which is known from steel.

The most heavily loaded component of a spindle wedge is the spindle. The Valfast has the most robust spindle and spindle nut we could find on the market!

For the structure in the sheets, we tested 3 different variants: stamped sheets, welded bars and simple welds.

Punched structures showed the distinct disadvantage that the punching at high loads is pushed back into the sheet, whereby the hold in the wood deteriorated again. The welded-on strips are difficult to push into the sawing joint and can break off.

Welding points can not tear off, go well into the sawing groove but are semi-circular as standard, which does not guarantee the best grip in the wood.

BaSt-Ing is proud to have developed its own version which we have protected by utility models. ValFast uses spot welds that are quarter-circle shaped.

This form clings best in the wood, is extremely durable and can be well set in the wood.


Technical specifications

Weight: 6.0 kg
Max. Lifting capacity: 26t (breaking force> 40t)
Wedge angle: 14 °
Lifting height: 82mm
Height/Width/Length: 103/180/460mm
Wrench size: 24mm

Max. impact wrench power: 1630 Nm (recommended minimum 1000 Nm)

The functional

Ever worked with a spindle wedge? – Then you’ve probably ever happened to turn the spindle and slide the wedge out of the sawing line so the tree does not lift.

This avoids ValFast reliably protected by utility model measures!

The wood screw:

On the side of the ValFast, there is a wood screw with which you can quickly and easily pull the spindle wedge into the sawing joint. This is especially easy if you use an impact wrench.

Further advantages of ValFast:

Internal spindle:

  • No contamination of the grease-lubricated spindle
  • No damage to the spindle during transport



Flat construction:

  • Due to the flat design, the wedge can be completely inserted into the tree. In particular, if a tree has become caught in the branches, it can still be brought down.

Flat wedge angle:

  • ValFast has a relatively small angle compared to the competition. This allows us to improve the lifting capacity of the wedge. We can compensate for the disadvantage of the lower lifting height because we can push the wedge completely into the opening sawing groove.
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