Schleiferl – The sharpening tool for saw chains

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The Schleiferl is the sharpening tool of the future, which eliminates the disadvantages of previous sharpening tools.

It brings by the abrasive belt as a sharpening principle the following advantages:

– high removal rate
– Perfectly shaped tooth profiles (breast & roof angles), easy to achieve
– no annealing of the teeth
– The chrome layer of the saw teeth is not injured
– No loss of shape of the sharpening tool due to wear
– Chain is sharpened on the sword
– Tolerant to angular error when sharpening due to the upward expiring abrasive belt
– Suitable for very small chains (1/4 “Picco) as well as harvester chains (.404)
– economical & fast

The Schleiferl is the first chain sharpening tool that works with a sanding belt. This is powered by small Hex screwdrivers. The speed of the screwdriver should be min. 3000rpm.

In the autumn of 2019, BaSt-Ing will be adding a depth gauge adjuster as an accessory that allows the depth limiters to be precisely and simply shortened.


Schleiferl + Makita DTD 153Z, Schleiferl + Milwaukee M18 BID-0, Schleiferl + Milwaukee M18 CBLID-0, Schleiferl Standard

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