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Drill Fast

The DrillFast is the first impact driver drill bit and another genuine BaSt-Ing innovation.
The DrillFast is powered by high-performance impact wrench as used in the ValFast. The DrillFast is fixed via the already known ValLink. The DrillFast has a sturdy bearing, so that no transverse or longitudinal forces act on the impact screw.
Due to the drive with a striking mechanism, there are many advantages:
– no catching and turning of the auger possible
– fast on loose ground – persistent on stony ground
– low operating weight and easy handling
– no exhaust gases during use

Typical application areas for the DrillFast are the setting of container plants and fence construction.

The DrillFast is available in diameters 60 & 80mm.

In the production of the DrillFast we use only high quality materials:
– hardened drill bit
– thick-walled drill pipe made of quality steel
– Hardened hexagonal attachment with durable slide bearings
– Stainless steel as an abutment

40 mm, 60 mm, DrillFast 60 mit ValLink for Dewalt, DrillFast 60 mit ValLink Bosch GDS18V-1050H, DrillFast 60mm Premium Complete Set, DrillFast 60 mit ValLink Makita TW001G, DrillFast 60 mit ValLink for Makita, DrillFast 60 mit ValLink for Milwaukee

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