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Replacement sanding belt suitable for Schleiferl 019Sl-01

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Here you will find the right sanding belt for your application:

Practical tip for the service life of the sanding belt: High speed + low contact pressure = long service life of the sanding belt + high cutting performance of the chainsaw.

Abrasive grains can wear down in the micrometer range, but they need sufficient time to be able to process the steel. Excessive grinding pressure leads to the entire grain tearing off the grinding belt. High belt speed and low contact pressure give the abrasive grain time to process the saw tooth.

  • Endurance – sanding belt with 120 grit – NEW-
    • Suitable for chain pitches from 3/8″ Picco (cordless motor saw) to 3/8″ chain.
    • Robust wear belt carrier for a long service life, therefore not suitable for 1/4″ Picco chains
    • Very high adhesion of the abrasive to the abrasive belt
    • Special abrasive grit mixture for a very long service life of the abrasive belt
  • Premium – sanding belt
    • Suitable for chain pitches from 1/4″ Picco (cordless motor saw) to 3/8″ chain.
    • Highly elasticated strap
    • Multigrain technology for efficient grinding
    • “Chalk coating” of the grinding belt for cold grinding
    • 100 grit
  • Basic sanding belt (harvester sanding belt)
    • Perfectly matched to the large saw chains (3/8″ and 0.404″ chain)
    • Thick, robust sanding belt carrier
    • 80′ grit for more high removal rate
    • Standard grain
Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
Sanding belt

Basic sanding belt, Endurance sanding belt, Premium sanding belt, Standard polishing belt

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