Schleiferl – The sharpening tool for saw chains

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The Schleiferl V1.2, in a new design and further developed, is the sharpening tool of the future, which eliminates the disadvantages of previous sharpening tools.

It has the following advantages due to the grinding belt as a sharpening principle:

– high removal rate
– Perfectly shaped tooth profiles (front and roof angle), easily achievable
– no annealing of the teeth
– The chrome layer of the saw teeth is not damaged
– no loss of shape of the sharpening tool due to wear
– Chain is sharpened on the bar
– Tolerant of angle errors when sharpening due to the grinding belt running out at the top
– Suitable for very small chains (1/4″ Picco) as well as for harvester chains (.404) (additional grinding shafts required)
– economical & quickly

The Schleiferl is the first chain sharpening tool that works with a grinding belt. This is driven by small hex screwdrivers. The speed of the screwdriver should be at least 3000 rpm.

Practical tip for abrasive belt life: High speed + low contact pressure = long abrasive belt life.

Abrasive grains can wear down in the micrometer range, but they need sufficient time to be able to process the steel. Excessive grinding pressure leads to the entire grain tearing off the grinding belt. High belt speed and low contact pressure give the abrasive grain time to process the saw tooth.

Scope of delivery standard:

Grinder incl. high-quality transport bag

Hex screwdriver according to selection

1 spare sanding belt

Grinding shaft 0.325 chain pitch

Grinding shaft 3/8″ chain pitch

Scope of delivery in the set:


1 spare sanding belt

Grinding shaft 0.325 chain pitch

Grinding shaft 3/8″ chain pitch



Schleiferl + DeWalt DCF887N, Schleiferl + Makita DTD 153Z, Schleiferl + Milwaukee M18 CBLID-0, Schleiferl Standard

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