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SpaltFast is the first 1 meter plywood splitter that is mass-produced and another real BaSt-Ing innovation.


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Product novelty 2020

SpaltFast is the first 1 meter plywood splitter that is mass-produced and another real BaSt-Ing innovation.

The advantages of the SpaltFast summarized:

  • floating knife arrangement for a small amount of spreader wood
  • High hourly output, no manual operator intervention required
  • No adjustment to the trunk diameter required: small and large trunk diameters can be split flexibly
  • easy operation and control from the timber trailer
  • automated return for smooth handling
  • Passage of the plywood splitter: 90cm
  • 150kg toothbrush for quick and easy removal of jammed wood from the splitting knives
  • Control buttons are attached to the crane joysticks and connected to the log splitter with a plug

Technical specifications:

  • 25t pressure force
  • Own oil supply with powerful 112ccm cast pump, oil cooler and 60l oil tank
  • Hydraulic system dimensioned for 100l/min
  • Dead weight approx. 2.5t
  • Made of high quality steel S355
  • automatic change of direction of the cylinder by means of realis control
  • Tires: 15.0 / 55 – 17 ALLIANCE
  • Width: 250cm Length: 415cm Height: 160cm
  • Made in Germany


  • Is the SpaltFast also available with a log lifter?: No, the SpaltFast is designed for crane loading only. The crane is also required to lift the toothbrush into the canal or to quickly turn pieces of wood in the canal. Manual loading for the SpaltFast is not possible or not permitted for safety reasons.
  • What hourly output does the SpaltFast have?: This is heavily dependent on the qualification of the crane operator and the quality of the wood. 10th / h are no problem with good conditions. However, you have to have the log storage and the procurement of the logs under control.
  • What happens with knotty wood?: In general, with every log splitter, the poorer the quality is that you split, the “worse” the meter wood will be. Thanks to the floating storage, we can stay in the grain much better and thus achieve better wood quality than with a fixed knife or a fixed star. However, the more knotty the pieces of wood, the more often the splitting knife unit has to be cleaned. We recommend using very knotty material for the chopper. With the SpaltFast, however, e.g. The knot-free area is split off from large logs and the rest can be chopped up.
  • How much spreader wood is created?: Depending on the quality of the wood, more or less spreader is created. We have tried to generate little spreader, but more is created than with a classic splitter. From a business point of view, we are convinced that the additional wood will be compensated by the time advantage, especially since the wood is still suitable for chopping or kindling.
  • Why can’t the SpaltFast be placed on the logging trailer?: The weight of 2.5t exceeds the lifting capacity of most logging trailer cranes, and the view of the splitting duct is extremely limited, which makes the work considerably more difficult. Last but not least, it is complex to provide the high oil capacity of 100l in the stanchion cage.
  • What power requirement does the SpaltFast have?: The SpaltFast can be used from 30HP. With knotty material or at full working speed, we recommend 50 HP tractor power.
  • Where is the SpaltFast produced?: The SpaltFast is prepared in southern Germany by companies specializing in your field (flame cutting, painting, welding) and then assembled by us.

Scope of delivery:

  • Log splitter “SpaltFast” including general operating permit
  • “Toothbrush”
  • Control
  • operating manual
  • without cardan shaft


Start of production after 40% down payment, delivery after final payment.
Delivery time: approx. 3 months

Shipping costs are to be borne by the buyer.

Note: We are continuously developing our products. The product delivered may differ from the illustration. Subject to change.

Weight 2500 kg
Dimensions 412 × 249 × 160 cm
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