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The ValFix is ​​the newest, lightest, cheapest spindle wedge on the market and another real BaSt-Ing innovation. With a dead weight of less than 1.4kg and a lifting force of over 15t, it generates more than 1000g (!) Lifting force per 1g of dead weight.

A secret of the ValFix is ​​that it works with a very flat wedge angle. Due to this small angle, it can be constructed particularly easily and still generate high lifting forces.

In order to still achieve practical lifting heights despite the small wedge angle, it has a completely new spindle construction. The ValFix spindle is partially integrated. This means that half of the spindle is protected in the felling wedge and only the second half of the spindle is exposed. A sufficient wedge stroke can thus be achieved with a long spindle travel.

Grease nipples on both threaded nuts ensure easy maintenance and sufficient lubrication even on long working days.

The advantages of the ValFix at a glance:

very short
No axial bearing required due to the principle
low weight of 1.4kg
easy relubrication using a grease nipple (no grease spray required)
no weld seam in the spindle
low wear

The ValFix may be operated with a maximum 700 Nm impact wrench.

Tip: With the right choice of impact wrench, it can also be used for the grinder as well as for the depth gauge grinder. e.g. Bosch GDX 18V-200.


Weight 1,4 kg
Dimensions 34 × 7 × 4 cm
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