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The ValRemote opens up a new dimension in terms of safety, productivity and economy.

We integrate an infrared remote control for you in proven impact wrenches, which is only active when a felling wedge is attached.

The impact wrench can therefore be used for other work, such as planting trees using the DrillFast or in the workshop.

The advantage over competitive radio wedges is that you can use the expensive drive unit on any number of felling wedges. The machine can be used on the next felling wedge in just a few simple steps. This feature results in a great advantage in practice. Each felling wedge has a defined lifting height and if this is not sufficient to bring the tree down, the user has to support the tree normally and turn the radio wedge back on the trunk. With our concept, the machine can simply be detached from the felling wedge and attached to a second felling wedge. Thus, the user never works under the treetop while the trunk is moving.


We can integrate the ValRemote for both the ValFast impact wrench (Milwaukee – ONEFHIWF34, Makita TW001) or the impact wrench for ValFix and EcoVal (Milwaukee FMTIW2F12 or Makita DTW700).

With the lightweight impact wrench, the user has a very flexible solution that can be used for both thin and thick trunks.


Scope of delivery:

Impact wrench with IR receiver integrated by BaSt-Ing GmbH:

  • Milwuakee ONEFHIWF34 incl. ValLink
  • robust IR hand-held transmitter
  • matching socket
  • Charger
  • ValFast
  • Milwaukee – 5AH battery
  • Milwaukee – 8AH battery
  • Milwaukee – Tool Case

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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