What our customers say:

  • We cut many strong spruce trees all year round, but we have been using spindle wedges for a long time because they make the work much easier. Unfortunately, the experience with competitor products regarding longevity was not satisfactory.

    Then we have gained a ValFast, a large Milwaukee impact wrench already existed. Since then we only work with the ValFast and impact wrench, without ax or hammer.

    With 2 large batteries, we usually come through the day without having to reload. For safety, a ratchet is always in the vehicle. I particularly like the robustness and the effortless and at the same time speedy work. We do not want to hit the ax wedges anymore ….

    Marcus P.
    (Rheinlandpfalz / Altenkirchen)
  • At the forest fair in Offenburg I saw the ValFast live for the first time. Since I’ve been playing for some time with the idea of ​​gaining a spindle wedge I was previously informed what is available at the mark. The robustness and the option of driving the wedge with the impact wrench convinced me so much at the exhibition stand that I took it directly with me. Since then I use the wedge with a specially applied Makita impact wrench and am very satisfied. What I really appreciate from the beginning is that I can leave a much stronger fracture bar than normal, reducing the chance of cutting a “dead” tree.
    Especially when working in front of the harvester this is very pleasant … I personally like to carry an ax to clean the trees from moss or dirt.

    With 2 pieces of 5Ah batteries I usually come through the day, for safety I have 2 small 1.5 Ah batteries.

    Amusing are often the skeptical looks of colleagues when they see me for the first time with the impact wrench in the forest. After a few trees, skepticism gives way to interest. A colleague was so “motivated” by the impact wrench and has also operated his wedge of another manufacturer with the impact wrench, after 3 trees, the ball bearing of the spindle wedge has adopted 😉

    Johann. S
    (Ronsberg / Ostallgäu)
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